Honda Fit 2014 Review

28 May, 2024
Honda Fit 2014 Review


The Honda Fit 2014 is a mixture of a compact, a subcompact and a hatchback, which is also known as the Honda Jazz in some regions. The Honda Fit 2014, known for its fuel efficiency and spacious interior, is admired by drivers all over the world. In this opinion, we are discussing its performance, and we are looking at its adaptability to local conditions and consumer preferences. In addition to its remarkable features, we also look at the technological progress and the safety innovations that have been introduced in this well-known model of Honda which supports us to give a complete description of this car that we all love.

Exterior Design

The Honda Fit 2014 exterior is a perfect blend of the old and the new, it is very modern and aerodynamically designed for the customers to choose from. The car is small and has such a great turning radius that it is perfect for driving through the crowded cities. The Honda Fit 2014 has been designed with a sleek appearance and a chic front grille, which gives it a sophisticated look, but at the same time, it keeps its practical value. The Fit is the car that can be driven in the road or weaved through the gridlocked city streets, and, its stylish exterior makes it the one car that will stand out among many, the one car that will suit the driver of a car who would be looking for the car that would both look good and it would function well.

Interior Design

The Honda Fit 2014 high quality interior, with its careful combination of the spaciousness and the practicality, made passenger comfort and cargo versatility to be the best. With the seats that are supportive and have enough headroom and legroom that every trip is a journey of joy for all the passengers. The dashboard that is so nicely arranged has the controls that are easy to use and the instrument that is clear and thus improves the driving experience. The Honda Fit 2014 may have a touchscreen infotainment system, power windows, and air conditioning depending on the variant which means that it will offer the driver convenience and connectivity on the go. The Fit’s interior is the place of the main car features such as the interior elegance, and functionality and it easily sets a new standard in subcompact hatchbacks for the urban commutes to weekend getaways.


According to the Honda Fit 2014 performance, it has a fitting engine that is both responsive and fuel-efficient, which is perfect for Bangladesh’s roads to give you the best performance. Although the engine’s specifications may differ from one model year to another and from one market to another, the Fit’s light and compact size make it easy to drive and maneuver, thereby improving the driving experience. In accordance with Honda Fit 2014 reliability, its suspension system is designed to give a smooth ride, thus, it comfortably deals with the irregularities and uneven surfaces. Besides, the braking system of the Honda Fit 2014 gives a reliable stopping power and a precise control to the driver and this way the driver is sure of stopping at every place. Regardless of the activity, be it cruising in city streets or going on long drives, the Honda Fit 2014′s performance capabilities will make any driver have a fun and enjoyable ride.

Ride Quality

The ride quality of the Honda Fit 2014 is so good that all the passengers will feel very comfortable throughout the ride. According to Honda Fit 2014 review, Its suspension system is carefully adjusted to provide a smooth and controlled ride, which easily scrapes through any roads’ rough surfaces. Inside the cabin, effective sound insulation is there, which blocks all the noise from the outside and thus, makes the cabin peaceful and relaxing and also ideal for communication. The Fit’s car seats and ergonomic design are the main factors that provide the support and hence the comfort, so that comfort is possible everywhere; once again you are able to travel by car even with short or long commutes. Whatever it be, city streets or adventures of the Honda Fit 2014, the passengers’ comfort is the first thing that is taken into consideration, and therefore, the car makes sure that the ride is always pleasant.

Safety and Technology

Safety is the main thing in the Honda Fit 2014, as shown by the wide range of features that guarantee the protection of the occupants. All grades and model years include safety highlights that are emphasised such as the dual front airbags which provide necessary protection when they hit a collision. The Fit carries on with the ABS system that is already integrated with the EBD system, ensuring precise and controlled braking even in difficult conditions. Moreover, a rearview camera improves visibility, which, in turn, helps in parking maneuvers and thus, it increases the safety factor.


The newer versions of the Fit could have more advanced safety features like lane-keeping assist, which enables the driver to stay in the lane; adaptive cruise control, which is the system that helps the driver to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles; and a collision mitigation braking system, which is a system that automatically applies the brakes in emergency situations, thus able to reduce the severity of a possible These additional safety technologies are the ones which will make the Fit even safer, hence drivers and passengers will be more relaxed when driving the Fit.

Honda Fit Pros Honda Fit Pros

  • Adaptable and expansive interior
  • Fuel efficient
  • Many safety features
  • Thoughtful interior design and user-friendly controls
  • Range of safety features available

Honda Fit Cons Honda Fit Cons

  • Limited engine power
  • Small size and engine capacity
  • Limited suitability for long-distance travel due to its compact size and engine capacity

Expert's Opinion


Out of 10

Through the eyes of the expert reviewer, the Honda Fit 2014 stands out as the best among the compact hatchbacks, being the most practical and fuel-efficient car with a very good package. However, the potential buyers should thoroughly consider their needs, as the Fit’s tiny size and engine performance may not be suitable for high-speed and long-distance trips. Nevertheless, for urban commuting and short trips, the Fit is the best choice as it is reliably and economically delivered, combining functionality and affordability.

মডার্ন ডিজাইন, ফুয়েল এফিশিয়েন্সি এবং পারফরম্যান্স। এই তিনের সমন্বয়ে হোন্ডা নিয়ে এলো Honda Fit 2014 গাড়িটি। এর আধুনিক সকল ফিচার এবং ব্যবহার উপযোগিতা গাড়িপ্রেমীদের নজর কাড়তে বাধ্য। গাড়িটির এক্সটেরিয়র দেখতে যেমন নান্দনিক তেমনই আকর্ষনীয়। এটির স্টাইলিশ লুকের জন্য গাড়িটিকে এগিয়ে রাখাই যায়। গাড়িটির ইন্টেরিয়রে রয়েছে সুবিশাল জায়গা, যাতে চালক এবং অন্যান্য প্যাসেঞ্জার বেশ আরামেই বসতে পারে। এর আধুনিক এয়ার কন্ডিশনিং, পাওয়ার সিস্টেম একে একটি মডার্ন আরবান কার হিসেবে পরিচিত করে তুলেছে। গাড়িটি সিটি কার হিসেবে বেশ পরিচিত। এর পারফরম্যান্স এবং সেইফটি সিস্টেম একে একটি ভরসাযোগ্য গাড়িতে পরিনত করেছে। এতে রয়েচে এবিএস ব্রেকিং সিস্টেম এবং ইলেকট্রনিক ব্রেকিং। ফলে গাড়িটি পরিবার নিয়ে দূরে ভ্রমণের জন্য বেশ নির্ভরযোগ্য বলা যায়। সকল দিক বিবেচনায় এটি মডার্ন সিটি কার হিসেবে পছন্দের তালিকায় শীর্ষে রাখাই যায়। 

Honda Fit Grades

Honda Fit

DX Grade

  • Remote Keyless Entry
  • Body-Colored Bumpers
  • Electrically Adjustable ORVMs

Honda Fit

EX Grade

  • Keyless Entry
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Auto Headlights

Honda Fit

RS Grade

  • Leather upholstery
  • LED headlights
  • Sunroof
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane-keeping assist

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Honda Fit 2014 good for long-distance trips?

The Honda Fit 2014 is a popular choice for urban commuting and short trips, but it is not the best for long trips because of its small size and engine capacity.

Is the Honda Fit 2014 driver-friendly?

Undoubtedly, the Fit is smartly designed with a variety of safety measures to prevent accidents and thus, the protection of its occupants is guaranteed, for example, dual front airbags and ABS with EBD.

What is the distinctive feature of the Honda Fit 2014 compared with other cars?

The Honda Fit 2014 is an ideal car that can be found on any street, it distinguishes itself with its adaptable interior, fuel efficiency, and comprehensive safety features, thus, it is an excellent and economical choice.

The Honda Fit 2014 is the ideal vehicle for city driving?

Of course, the compact size of the Fit, excellent maneuverability and nimble handling make it the ideal vehicle to drive in a congested city with pleasure.

Does the Honda Fit 2014 have technology features that are on the advanced side?

The Honda Fit 2014 power windows, infotainment system, and air conditioning are the features on the dealer’s list, which will make your life on the road more comfortable and connected.

Honda Fit 2014 Specifications

Launch Year2014
Origin CountryJapan
Body Type
Riding Capacity5 Seater
Car Type
Model CodeDBA-GK3
Overall Length3955 mm
Overall Width1695 mm
Overall Height1525 mm
Wheelbase2530 mm
Tread Front1490 mm
Tread Rear1480 mm
Interior Length1935 mm
Interior Width1450 mm
Interior Height1280 mm
Weight970 kg
Engine ModelL13B
Maximum Power100 ps
Maximum Power73 kw
Maximum Power6000 rpm
Max. Torque KGM12 kgm
Max. Torque Nm119 Nm
Max. Torque RPM5000 rpm
Engine Capacity1317 cc
Compression Ratio13.5
Fuel Tank Capacity32 L
Min. Turning Radius4.7
Tires Size Front175/70R14 84S
Tires Size Rear175
Driving WheelFF
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